How the Cold War Changed the Internet

It’s strange to think that memes and IM and Marvel movies and e-textbooks all came from the government wanting to bomb the shit out of Russia. Without a centralized hub, it would be next to impossible for Soviets to take out communications between the bases. From this need, an entire network blossomed into the insane genius of the internet we know today. It’s pretty incredible that such creature came from war — the threat of total nuclear annihilation is what enabled me to be typing this post here today. That’s pretty wild. One problem (of many, my goodness) that the military was, ironically, the free spirit embedded in the internet’s core. We needed something that could morph and switch lanes on it’s own, yet that’s just it — on its own, the internet was free to make connections everywhere, to bring information across the country, and then across the globe. There is an inherent independence to the internet that made –and still makes — it hard to control. No one person has the ability to dictate the web, and however ironically, that’s what makes it so powerful.


It could happen

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