Can Technology Alter Perception?

The idea that we had a different self now than we did a hundred years ago is a little strange, but it also makes sense. A hundred years ago there was not the same influences that we have today — like cars, and television, and electricity. These inventions literally changed the world, and I think as our society was revolutionized, so was our inner self. It’s hard to picture myself without modern commodities (I seriously don’t know what I would do without modern plumbing), but have these things actually done more harm than good? Are we in the process of de-revolutionizing? Socrates believed that the literate self was a lesser self, but I think that’s ridiculous. Just because we don’t have to memorize passages anymore doesn’t mean we are less intelligent or have a weaker self. Are world moves forward too quickly for us to survive without adapting. My complete and total dependence on my computer and it’s internet connection is not entirely my fault. The natural and oftentimes radical progress of our world will not stop just because I want to read a book. Rather time will push relentlessly on the edges of innovation, and the best I can hope to do is hold on tight.

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