Radical Change

Without a doubt, technology has permenantly altered the way we live our life. Modern technology, like laptops, iPhones, TV, and the Internet, is an essential part of our personal and professional lives. It never really ocurred to me before, but the very first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone to browse texts, emails, and pictures. My eyes are still blurry — I can’t even really see what I’m looking at — but if I didn’t check my phone first thing, I feel off, maybe even incomplete.

When my family and I travel to West Virginia (which we do a lot, like very nearly every weekend, it’s ridiculous), there is very poor satellite connection. My aunt’s house doesn’t even have wifi (I literally die), so it’s very difficult to check the things I normally do. I find that a couple hours into the ride back, I have two feeble bars of connection, just enough to load my email and YouTube and Instagram, etc. And it’s as if the world exploded and came back to life in two short days. There are new videos and new posts, breaking news articles, internet-breaking photos, and I feel at once isolated and connected again. So much happened when I wasn’t there! But here it is, all of my friend’s posts of cheesy pizza and the latest Kim K diet, and Donald Trump’s million dollar refrigerator.

But why are these mundane and silly updates so important to me? They don’t mean much, and really have no direct effect on my life. I think we’ve become entirely dependent on technology and the social media connectedness that ensued. It’s like going through withdraws. When I consider the way I live now, an actual robot take-over isn’t entirely out of the question. Modern day is defined by its technology — and without it, we would be completely lost, our position in this world out of whack. Technology is more than just a convenience — it’s a necessity. And it’s a need that we have forced on oursleves, no matter how innocent it may have appeared in the beginning.


The future is now. Ex Macina ftw


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